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This website was developed to provide a graphical representation of a unique day of operations on Ireland's West Clare Railway. The website owner had long had an interest in railway timetables and especially their display in graphical form. Such graphs were at one time prepared using string charts on a peg board, useful for preparation of schedules and also for real-time train control, in particular on single track lines.

String charts were later largely replaced by paper graphs on pre-prepared line diagrams. For large-scale timetable offices, teams of scheduling clerks worked at drawing boards in large rooms. In more recent times, this manual work has been replaced by computerised systems, of increasing complexity and output power, but not suited to the kind of retrospective analysis envisaged for displaying the West Clare operations, or indeed within the pocket of the amateur user.

Despite extensive searches, no simple timetable graphing programmes were found capable of meeting the specific requirements of the West Clare project. So it was "do-it-yourself". The present development of the site generates graphical timetables using Scalar Vector Graphics to provide scrollable and enlargeable diagrams.

Version 2.1, 18 Mar 2024
Michael J Walsh